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Group Class

Group Classes

A fun way to learn new patterns and techniques while meeting other dancers!

How do I start?

First, take a peek over on the calendar page and see what days and times work with your schedule. If you are just beginning your dance journey, any beginner level class is a good place to start because we start with the basics every time!

If you aren't quite ready to join the action but want to see what we are about, stop by the studio during any class so you can see what we are all about.​

Do I need to bring a partner?

No, you can come in alone or with friends or with a partner because everyone takes turns dancing with everyone. 

How much do classes cost?

Classes are $10 per person unless otherwise noted on the calendar. For example Syllabus Training classes on Saturdays which are $15 per person.

We look forward to seeing you out on the floor soon!

Private vs Group Lessons

Private lessons can be taken in series to learn dances at your pace or can be taken here and there to clarify questions about techniques or patterns. They provide one on one time with an instructor who can assess your current level and needs. They can also help you modify patterns for your abilities. 


Group classes provide a fast and fun learning environment where you will be dancing with everyone in the room. They vary in size, that could be anywhere from 2 other partners to 10! That makes it exciting and rewarding when you know that your pattern will come out well no matter who you are dancing with!


Each kind of instruction helps students sharpen different abilities and reach different kinds of goals. If you are having trouble deciding, stop in during our class times to catch a peek at what we do and talk to an instructor about which path would be right for you.

What should I wear?

Wear something comfortable that you can move in (leave your leather pants at home!) Ladies, skirts or trousers tend to move more comfortably than skinny jeans. Gentlemen, trousers or denim that is not tight is appropriate. Mobility is a must.


Concerning shoes, if you do not have dance shoes please wear comfortable flat shoes. If it is rainy or snowy please bring your flats along and wear appropriate footwear so that you do not track water or ice onto the dance floor.

Dance shoes may also be purchased at the studio.




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